Ziff's Cafe & Bar


Hours: Open daily 10:30 am - 1:30 am

Phone: (03) 2130501

We are a small Cafe & Bar in Otatara with a big vision ! It is our goal to offer exceptional service in a comfortable enviroment.


Ziff’s Cafe and Bar is a local eatery that was developed with a certain concept in mind: A great ambience, efficient service and meals that would satisfy the hungriest customer. Prior to opening Ziffs we felt that the restaurant trade was more interested in impressing themselves than caring for the customer- think of those enormous plates that come with tiny, sculptured servings in the center. This is all well and good, but we decided to go to another level by offering excellent, simple cuisine, prepared by highly skilled staff, and served in portions that give the WOW factor at first glance. Our plan was to establish a well designed, contemporary, timeless Restaurant and Bar, with total thought and consideration for our customers. Since opening in December 2002, we have certainly made an impact. Ziff’s Cafe and Bar is now one of the busiest restaurants in Southland and has to date won 2 awards. We are a small restaurant – seating 60 patrons at any one time – therefore, from time to time, we have to turn people away. Reservations help our customers avoid disappointment. To make yours just call us on (03) 213 0501. The Food With most other restaurants, the large plate, small sculptured serving has become the norm! At Ziff’s people appreciate an exceptional flavored meal, prepared by professional Chefs, that you remember Mum used to make. At Ziff’s we believe the customers will tell you what they want and we believe in supplying that need to the best of our service. Over the years our customers have voted with their feet by coming back many, many times. This reinforces the fact that people really do desire what we aim to provide at Ziff’s. The Menu Our menu is continually developed to improve and retain the interest of our customers. It includes two of the best cuts of steak available, a crispy chicken salad (our most popular meal), seafood chowder (described by many as the best they’ve had) and several venison (elk) dishes. They are Southland-grown and we promise they will be the best you will ever taste. At Ziff’s you can dine-out on a substantial three course meal (although this rarely happens due to the portion sizes), sample some very special wines, and follow it up with an excellent cognac or port. At Ziff’s we cater for everyone. We believe we have done this by providing a fully equipped, well stocked bar that includes unique wines, popular beers, cognacs, ports plus every conceivable spirit or liqueur you can think of. If we do not have it we will get it.

143 Dunns Road, Otatara, Invercargill 9879


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