Steampunk HQ


WHAT TO EXPECT? We are an interactive museum, which allows for exploration and discovery. It features an interesting collection of retro-futuristic sci-fi art, movies, sculpture and sound. The average visit time is 45-60 minutes. We encourage photography. Please be advised during the winter warm clothing is recommended


WHAT IS STEAMPUNK? The Steampunk future is driven by the unusual... Steampunk is a quirky and fun genre of science fiction that features steam-powered technology. It is often set in an alternate, futuristic version of 19th century Victorian England steam powered devices – the ‘world gone mad’ as Victorian people may have imagined it. Examples are machines like those in the writing of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, and in television shows such as Dr. Who.

1 Humber Street Oamaru, 9400 New Zealand


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