Spoon & Paddle


Hours: Monday - Sunday 8am - 3pm

Phone: 07-378 9664

Situated in a sunshine-yellow, idyllic house with a luscious garden, our cafe is the best spot in Taupo for delicious food & excellent coffee.


BEST BREAKFAST Breakfast never tasted better. Our menu is bursting with classic cafe dishes & exciting new ideas that are sure to start off your day in the most delicious way, DELICIOUS COFFEE Superb baristas channel their skill & passion for the coffee bean into pouring excellent coffees. We are proud users of Hummingbird roastery. LET'S DO LUNCH We're famous for our brunch but we cook a top lunch, too. Inspired by flavours from all around the world, our street-style offerings will top you up 'til dinner time.

101 Heuheu Street, Taupo 3330


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