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Prefab Cafe, Prefab Hall and Prefab Lane are part of an urban oasis designed by Jeff Kennedy and Bridget Dunn. Prefab Cafe is the 180 seater capacity cafe with table service, fresh seasonal fare and the southern hemisphere's longest espresso bar. Prefab Hall is the 220 capacity event space - the ideal spot for weddings, private functions and any special event. Prefab Lane connects the two and runs down the west side of the building.


Prefab Eatery, the 180 seater Flagship Café for ACME, was founded in 2013 by Jeff Kennedy & Bridget Dunn. "We wanted to have the ability to have a space in the inner city and we love this area, Te Aro," Kennedy says. “Anyone would be able to pop by to use the free wi-fi. It would be a public space without a council bureaucrat in sight. This is why we live in Wellington. This place has sun, and it's not a high-rise area. Our goal is to have an area we could control socially and musically, with eating, art, beautiful weddings. If the drama school wants to put on a play, it could here. The lanes on either side of the buildings can be full of events. We are in an inner-city community, that's the dream and there's no other reason for being here." Prefab Eatery, our flagship cafe, is also the test lab for all our ACME Products.

14 Jessie Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011


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