Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony


Come and discover the world of the little blue penguin. Your visit contributes to our long-term conservation and research programmes where for care for and learn about the penguins' lives.


The Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony is located just minutes from the centre of Oamaru. Since its establishment in 1993, and because of its conservation efforts, the Colony has observed very high breeding success in the penguin population, increasing from 33 to 220 breeding pairs and up to 300 penguins returning each night. Little (blue) penguins are the smallest of the world's 17 penguin species, and one of only 2 to nest underground. The penguins are either hidden inside their nests during the day, or out at sea fishing. The return ashore from fishing just as it starts to get dark, usually around 30 minutes after sunset. In the evening, visitors watch from purpose-built grandstands while only metres in front of them the penguins come ashore, climb the rocks, and enter the breeding area. Visitors to the Colony, in the evening, can experience a fascinating eco-tourism environment, gain insight into the lives of the blue penguin, and be part of the Colony's world-leading conservation efforts. Prior to Covid the Colony offered day-tours, these will be re-established after the international border reopens.

To be eligible for a refund on a pre-purchased ticket notification must be made 24 hours prior to the tour departure. However if something unforeseen occurs on the day you are due to arrive please contact us and refund terms will be at the manager's discretion. We do not offer refunds to those who pay in advance for tickets and fail to show up for tours. A refund will be given in the same manner in which it was paid for. Refunds will be given in NZD and OBPC is not liable for any loss incurred in movements in the exchange rate between the time of purchase and the time of refund. Please see here for T & C's - https://www.penguins.co.nz/terms-conditions

17 Waterfront Road, Oamaru 9400, New Zealand


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