Lushingtons Cafe


Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm 7 Days a Week Cafe closes at 5:00pm

Phone: 03 308 6858

Lushingtons cafe is a busy and innovative cafe, with all food being made on the premises. We pride ourselves on consistant high-quality food


Lushingtons Cafe and Farmhouse specialises on providing wholesome and homemade food with meat sourced straight from the family farm. Lushingtons Cafe serves an all-day breakfast and lunch menu, together with a large selection of sweet and savoury food from the cabinet. Make sure to try their famous Seafood chowder; it’s a favourite. Sheep breeding has been part of the Montalto Farm operations for over 120 years, and across five generations of Morrow families. The farm was traditionally designed for sheep and breeding and has a long history of tree planting for shelter against the elements. Montalto lambs are fattened on a grass-based feeding system and graze on the finest quality pastures. The lambs selected for Lushingtons Cafe and Farmhouse are kept smaller, stress-free and mob and provided with a greater selection of grasses to graze on. This nurturing, free-range lifestyle enhances their tender meat and flavour.

5 Archibald Street, Tinwald, Ashburton 7700


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