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South Indian Kerala restaurant


It's fair to say that 80-90% of the "Indian restaurants outside of India feature the cuisine of Northern India (Particularly the state of Punjab), Pakistan and Bangladesh. And of course, they are really" South East Asian restaurants since Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and others are individual countries. Just think of your facourites-tandoori chicken (New Delhi) Butter chicken, saag paneer and naan (Punjab and chandigarh, biriyani kebabs (Pakistan and Bangladesh). There are far fewer restaurants showing the dishes of other regional Indian cuisines from many, many states-of course, you can sometimes find a few selected dishes on restaurant menus, particularly dishes from Goa (Lamb vindaloo and Chicken xacuti) and Tamil Nadu (Dosa and Idli). The joke in my South Indian Kerala family is "North Indians create wonderful restaurants abroad, while South Indians typically become engineers, doctors and nurses". Majority of Indian nurses which you see around are from South Indian Kerala State. It's the only state in India which is 100% literacy rate with 4 international airports. In terms of geographic size, the Indian subcontinent is similar in size as continental Europe. These are 28 states in India and 50 countries in Europe. In many ways, Indian states like individual contire, wuth their own unique languages, attire and cuisines. Think about the sharp differences between Germany and Greece. Over such a vast area of land, cradled by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal with the Indian ocean to its south in India, geography, climate, vegetables, fruits and herbs native to certain regional of France and black truffles thrive in northern Italy certain things are native to different geographic regions of India. Indian Chinese cuisine was born in Tangra, located on the east of Kolkata, the only China Town in India. The Chinese of Kolkata were best known for mainly leather shoe manufactures, beauty parlor owners and dentists. Thousands of Hakka Chinese focused their business mainly in leather tanneries at Tangra. Hardworking and ambitious, they would not spare any field, so, why food? Influenced by local culture and taste, they opened restaurants for Bengalis by spicing the bland sauces with hot fresh green chillies. As Bengalis love to eat and explore anything new, they found a new and addictive taste with a perfect balance of hot, sweet and sourness in the dishes. With this identity the Indian Chinese food spread to almost all street corners in Kolkata. Within a short span of time it spread to the whole of India with its regional influence of food habits. The green chillies in Kolkata's chilli chicken might have got replaced by dry red chilli in Delhi's chilli chicken, but the Indian Chinese food fever did not spare any Indian from great grandson to great grand father. You may find Indians not knowing about many regionally popular Indian dishes but you cannot find an Indian not knowing about Hakka Chow Mein, Chilli chicken and Gobi manchu.

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