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If HAKA TOURS LTD is forced to cancel a tour due to something beyond its control (including natural disasters global pandemic political instability terrorism cultural conditions or other unforseen external events) instead of a full or partial refund HAKA TOURS LTD may offer a Travel Credit valued at 100% of the price paid for your tour and any ancillary services including hotels and pre-paid optional activities but excluding airfare and insurance. The travel credit may be applied to any tour departures departing up to two years from the end of the month of your tour’s cancellation. HAKA TOURS LTD will inform all booked customers of any changes by email or phone.

Itineraries Itineraries are subject to alteration without notice & are intended as a guide only. HAKA TOURS LTD reserves the right to change the itinerary without any notice. Any additional expenses incurred by the passenger is not HAKA TOURS LTD responsibility. HAKA TOURS LTD can give no guarantees as to the exact arrival & departure times for carriers and operators used by HAKA TOURS LTD & will not be liable for the failure of any services or attractions beyond its control.

Whilst HAKA TOURS LTD will take all reasonable steps to provide an enjoyable tour it accepts no liability for any loss of enjoyment experienced by passengers due to circumstances HAKA TOURS LTD deems as beyond its control. HAKA TOURS LTD further accepts no liability for any loss beyond its reasonable control and provides no warranties in addition to those set out under The Fair Trading Act 1986 and nothing herein restricts any passenger from exercising their rights and remedies to pursuant to Law.

Your Travel Agent will forward booking confirmations and other payments to HAKA TOURS LTD on your behalf but your Travel Agent is not our agent for the purpose of receipt of monies. Receipt of booking confirmations and subsequent payments by the Travel Agent does not constitute receipt of those monies by HAKA TOURS LTD and the Travel Agent has no authority expressed or implied to receive monies on our behalf. There is no liability on the part of HAKA TOURS LTD in respect to any monies paid to the passengers Travel Agent unless and until HAKA TOURS LTD notifies the passenger (by way of a booking confirmation advice) that monies have been received by HAKA TOURS LTD.

The optional tour excursions are not operated by or at the direction of or on behalf of HAKA TOURS LTD its employees or agents or any other persons or companies associated with HAKA TOURS LTD. All optional activities are an additional cost to the tour price and by taking bookings for these tours HAKA TOURS LTD acts as the agent for each of the optional activity suppliers.

These tours include the services of operators other than HAKA TOURS LTD e.g Hoteliers Airlines and optional tour excursions which are not under the direct control of HAKA TOURS LTD & whilst all reasonable care is taken in selecting these operators it cannot accept responsibility for the operators conduct or the conduct of the representative employees or agents or for any ramifications of that conduct.

On tours including activities such as trekking swimming & snorkelling passengers accept that degrees of risk are involved.

No passenger will be permitted to embark or continue on tour while their mental or physical condition is in the opinion of any representative of HAKA TOURS LTD such as to render them incapable of caring for themselves or whereby they become objectionable to other passengers or they become a hazard to themselves or other passengers. HAKA TOURS LTD will not be responsible for any expenses resulting in such persons being precluded from completing the tour.

Any special meal requirements will be made on a request basis only. HAKA TOURS LTD cannot guarantee these requests nor will it assume responsibility if these are not fulfilled

Cancellations If for any reason you do need to cancel your tour there a few things to be aware of. Your $99 is a non-refundable deposit however in the event that you need to cancel outside of the cancellation period we will hold your deposit on file for life & this can be used towards a future departure. Upon cancellation you will be liable to pay a fee to cover the cost of expenses incurred to HAKA TOURS LTD at the time of booking in the below schedule.

Tour Cost is inclusive of any additional activities and pre/post accommodation

For Adventure Tours & Snow Tours:

Period of noticeCancellation Fee Outside 45 daysLoss of $99NZD 8 - 44 days50% of tour cost Within 7 days100% of tour cost

For Haka Plus Tours: Period of noticeCancellation Fee Outside 60 daysLoss of $99NZD 30 - 59 days50% of tour cost 15 - 29 days75% of tour cost Within 14 days100% of tour cost 3.3

Please be aware if you are booked through a third party such as a travel agent their cancellation policy and terms and conditions may differ from our own. Be sure to check their particular terms.

No refund will be given if you voluntarily leave a tour for any reason.

General Terms & Conditions 1. Minimum & Maximum numbers 1.1 HAKA TOURS LTD does require a minimum number of bookings in order for a tour to be financially viable & to have a pleasant group atmosphere. This means that in the event of our minimum numbers not being reached it may be necessary to cancel a scheduled tour. In this event we will endeavour to offer an alternative tour date.

1.2 The last possible date on which a decision for a tour to be cancelled will be no later than 30 days prior to departure.

1.3 HAKA TOURS LTD restricts guests number to a maximum of 16 pax per tour. Prior to booking any flights or making any travel arrangements customers are required to receive a confirmation from HAKA TOURS LTD to confirm their place on tour. In this case it would be a ‘welcome letter’ sent via email from HAKA TOURS LTD.

2. Accommodation

2.1 Our included accommodation for our standard adventure and snow tours is dorm share (unless you have upgraded to a private room). While our maximum number of guests is 6 per room on the odd occasion this may be more. For Haka Plus accommodation is twin-share as standard.

3. Smoking

Government regulations forbid smoking in tourist coaches. The vast majority of our accommodation are also non-smoking with some having designated smoking areas outside.

4. Age Policy

HAKA TOURS LTD offers adventure and snow tours across NZ that are designed for travellers that are young at heart and ready for an adventure. Due to the vast majority of accommodations we use we cannot accept anyone who is under the age of 18 on our tours unless at the discretion of a representative of HAKA TOURS LTD. Anyone who is over the age of 60 is welcome to join our tours but please just be aware that a moderate level of fitness is required. If you have any concerns surrounding your health on our tours please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

5. Luggage Policies

Within NZ each guest on a tour is entitled to take one case the sum of its length width & depth not to exceed 160 cm (63 inches) a weight limit of 20 kilos alongside a small day pack. Your luggage should not exceed airline regulations. Over-limit luggage cannot be carried due to limited space.

Optional activities booked on tour

Activities that you book whilst you are on tour are charged at the retail rate. We operate a voucher system which means we pay the operator direct and add this to your own personal account. Your tab system has a limit of $500NZD which means we will take payment for activities along the way once your limit has reached $500. Your balance can be paid via credit card or in NZD cash. Please note for any credit card payments a 2% credit card fee per transaction is applicable. All activities booked through your tour manager require 72 hours notice in order to be cancelled without you incurring a charge. This is as per the cancellation policies of the activity suppliers.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is your responsibility. The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And Trade strongly recommends you obtain travel insurance at the time you pay for your travel. Failure to obtain travel insurance is at your own risk. When obtaining travel insurance you must comply with the insurers’ regulations & disclose all information relating to your tour.

If for any reason you are unable to travel within the cancellation policy due to illness or medical reasons HAKA TOURS LTD is not liable to reimburse you however we will provide a detailed description of your tour for your insurers.

What’s not included in the tour price

Airfares to & from the tour starting point airport taxes passport & visa costs airport & ferry transfers to the tour departure point insurance laundry phone calls beverages meals not specified in the itinerary excess baggage fees additional activities.

Passports & Visas

All travellers must have a valid passport for international travel & many countries require at least 6 months validity from the date of your return. It is important that you check all country requirements before you arrive.

HAKA TOURS LTD is not liable for any fines penalties or expenditure as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities as this is your sole responsibility.

Should you require a referral letter to apply for a visa HAKA TOURS LTD requires you to pay no less than 50% of your total tour cost before this can be provided. Should you not be successful in obtaining a visa HAKA TOURS LTD will refund your tour minus the $99NZD deposit if it is 45 days out from departure and only on the basis of providing us with official & sufficient written proof that your visa was denied. If you are unable to provide us with sufficient evidence HAKA TOURS LTD reserves the right to deny your refund.

Tour Details

Any inclusions whilst on the road that you do choose not to partake in will not be refunded to you.

HAKA TOURS LTD aims to provide a safe & enjoyable environment for all passengers and personnel on board our tours. Therefore please make a note of the below conditions:

HAKA TOURS LTD does not tolerate any form of abuse verbal or otherwise of our personnel. Any person abusing or threatening HAKA TOURS LTD personnel or associated representatives will automatically forfeit their right to onward travel.

There might be times when HAKA TOURS LTD personnel and/or representatives have to make decisions within the best interest of safety for its passengers. It is a condition of booking that you comply with the authority and decisions of the appointed representative of HAKA TOURS LTD.

Should you choose not to comply with the said representative or are not compatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of members of the tour HAKA TOURS LTD reserves the right to refuse to allow you to continue with the tour.

In such a case that you are removed from the tour HAKA TOURS LTD will not be liable to provide you with any refund compensation or any additional costs incurred by you.

HAKA TOURS LTD cannot accept liability for the behaviour of others on your tour nor if any facilities are curtailed as a result of their actions. HAKA TOURS LTD representatives may take on tour photos and video recordings of you whilst you are a passenger. These may be used in the HAKA TOURS LTD brochures and/or advertising and publicity material (including social media) without obtaining any further consent or payment in respect of such photographs and/or films

HAKA TOURS LTD may use any text written in comments books recorded in customer surveys or input to online forums in brochures websites and/or advertising and publicity material without obtaining any further consent or payment in respect of comments.

Fitness & Medicals

Some activities are strenuous of nature. Passengers should be of reasonable health and fitness and carry all required medication. HAKA TOURS LTD must be advised of any prior medical conditions at the time of booking.


1.Snow Specific

1.1 Rental Equipment hired through HAKA TOURS LTD is your responsibility.

1.2 If there is extensive damage from misuse of equipment but can be fixed the minimum cost of a full repair is charged.

1.3 If the equipment is damaged beyond repair or lost/stolen the payable insurance excess is 14-days rental for that particular item.

Examples of non-repairable damage include:

Excessive base damage from misuse of equipment such as skiing/boarding in heavily rocky areas/off piste snapped ski or snowboard; or cracked top sheet. 2. Personal LiabIlity and Injury. All customers must agree to the following personal liability and injury policy when renting equipment from HAKA TOURS LTDs. Customers renting equipment are referred to ‘The Hirer’ for the purposes of this policy: The Hirer (customer) understands the information contained therein and warrants agrees and accepts the information provided by him or her is true and correct. The Hirer also understands warrants agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard boot-binding system of any ski or snowboard equipment has been adjusted and set based on the information provided by the hirer. The Hirer further understands warrants agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard-binding system equipment will not release at all times or under all conditions or in all circumstances and that its employees affiliates or agents cannot and will not guarantee or indemnify the safety of the Hirer or any third (3rd) party. All snow sports (skiing snowboarding touring tobogganing) carry the risk of injury and damage to property and that risk is reduced but not eliminated by correct bindings the use of wrist guards and an approved helmet. The Hirer understands warrants agrees and accepts that there are inherent risks of injury involved in using the equipment hired and where such injury arises the Hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified HAKA TOURS LTD its employees affiliates and agents from all actions suits claims for damage and demands for personal injury loss or damage sustained by the Hirer or any person named in these terms and conditions or any third (3rd) party. The Hirer confirms understands acknowledges and accepts that in the event where personal injury loss or damage to either the Hirer or any third (3rd) party arises out of the use of such equipment it is the responsibility of the Hirer to make good such personal injury loss or damage.

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