Dejeuner Restaurant

Palmerston North

Hours: TUES - FRI : 10 AM - 2:30 PM NIGHT TIME: TUES - SAT : 5:30 PM OnWards

Phone: 06 9525 581

Finest boutique restaurant in Palmerston North. Manawatu Beef & Lamb Peoples Choice Award 2012, 2013 Beef & Lamb Excellence Award 2012, 2013 Silver Manawatu Beef Dish 2012 Best Regional Restaurant 2009 - Eating Out Good Food Awards Experience Palmerston North’s most outstanding boutique restaurant.


Relaxing Environment & Service “Best ambience” It's always our intention for our customer to have the feeling of home when dining with us. Petit is a place where patrons can relax, wind down, have good conversations, something delicious to munch on and soft French music to relax in. We have designed Petit to have the soft sofa, soft lighting, air condition, sound absorbing carpet and large spacing of tables to provide some privacy. Best service is crucial. It can make or break a restaurant. Our staff will be trained to know every single component in our menu. They also would require picking up knowledge in wine matching and coffee making. Customer services would have to be genuine, relax, knowledgeable and courteous. Again, training plays a pivotal role in developing the team of customer service professionals. French Cuisine Dejeuner Restaurant is a French restaurant which has always been "the place" to be for fine French cuisine in Palmerston North. Over the years we have won numerous awards including Beef and Lamb Award of Excellence 2012, 2013 and 2014. As well as Beef and Lamb People Choice Award – Manawatu 2012 and 2013. "Dejeuner" was established by my wife, Agnes, and I, as a French restaurant which provides savory French cuisine. Ever since then, we had been the local and tourists choice of Western restaurant in Palmerston North for over seven years now and we have managed to further enhance the goodwill as well as building competitiveness of the restaurant. Quality Ingredients Being the people's choice of Western Restaurant in Palmerston North, we believe in good food and quality ingredients in order to always stay on top of the list. "Best food" would come from the use of quality ingredients. Quality ingredients do not necessarily has to be the most expensive, but what we are offering is the use of seasonal ingredients. The ones those are abundant in supply and them at their best when they are in season. With quality ingredients, of course, we got to have the right method to prepare them, to get the best flavor. With this, training is of utmost importance. Even though I am a qualified chef with more than 15 years of experience, constant upgrading of skills and knowledge is a must. Other than me, training for other kitchen staff is necessary as well.

44 The Square, Palmerston North 4410


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