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Christchurch Cat Cafe. Catnap Café operates as both a traditional café and as a home for rescue cats. Our goal is to offer a safe, fun and relaxing environment where cats and people can enjoy each other's company, and to promote adoption.


Situated in Christchurch, Catnap Café established in July 2018 and is the South Island's first and only cat cafe. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and relaxing environment where cats and people can enjoy each other’s company and to find forever homes for rescue cats. We work alongside Cat Rescue Christchurch to increase the amount of stray and abandoned cats being re-homed, to instruct the community about the seriousness of desexing, and promote adoption. The café offers both a permanent home for several resident rescue cats, and a foster home for rescue cats and kittens that are available for the public to adopt. The café is split between two areas, a food area and a cat area. The food area is much like a usual cafe, where you can order food and drinks (these can also be taken through into the cat area). The cat area is a place for people and cats to hang out together in a fun and comfortable environment. You can select to spend your time in either or both areas! As well as providing an adoption service, the cafe is a cool place for cat lovers to simply spend time with cats, especially those who aren’t able to have cats of their own such as elderly people in rest homes, students, travellers and renters. Group bookings, birthday parties and other private events are welcome and we also run yoga classes and cat bingo nights, with more occasions coming in future!

391 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023


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