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Hours: Open: 7 days a week 11:00AM until Late

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Cobb & Co is the typical New Zealand Restaurant & Saloon strongly reminiscent of our pioneering heritage. Whether you are enjoying the mud pools or riding the many mountain bike trails around Rotorua, stop by Cobb & Co. and experience a meal in our friendly restaurant – a great place to kick back with your mates and whanau, and enjoy delicious kai. COME IN AND ENJOY THE KIWI EXPERIENCE THAT IS COBB & CO. ROTORUA


Cobb & Co has been a Kiwi family favourite for over 35 years. We are New Zealand's Original Restaurant and Saloon. We provide stimespecial in a seriously casual environment with well cooked good food. Our History: How the guest was won…. Mate, life in New Zealand was tough in 1861. It wasn’t easy and breaking in the land was not much fun. In the 1860’s luxuries were few, there wasn’t any electricity and hardly any frills. In fact, there wasn’t much of anything - but there was gold in them, thar hills. News of this fabulous find around the world sparked off the start of what became known as the Otago gold rush. Before you knew it, we were all the rage - and over-run with shiploads of pommie bast… English pioneers of doubtful parentage. The immigrant gold-diggers needed stage-coaches to get around so Freeman Cobb said “of course we can.. ”and that’s the way the uniquely kiwi Cobb & Co story began. Everything was sweet for over 60 years until trains and the newfangled motorcar became all the go. In the early 1920’s the wheels started to wobble and in 1924, they really came off. Sadly, Cobb & Co’s last stagecoach disappeared into the sunset for the final time. But it was not the end, for the company was again to shine. Today Cobb & Co is New Zealand’s oldest Restaurant chain and continues to serve, in the memory of Freeman Cobb, with a dash of humour and verve. You are always welcome and warmly embraced by an atmosphere that is redolent with the aromas of our favourite food, soft lighting and an open fire. Sizzling steaks, seafood, lamb and pork are complemented with garden fresh vegetables and wickedly delicious desserts. This classic fare is made complete with a range of New Zealand ales and wines, which we can justifiably claim as being some of the finest in the world. You're always welcome at Cobb & Co

209 Fenton Street, Rotorua 3010


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