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Anna’s Café prides itself on itself on its strong team and long, successful business history. We are ready to share our special and traditional recipes which are very different from other cafes, and are trade-marked globally in New Zealand, and Australia, as well as China. Anna’s café is focused on expanding internationally and sharing our success with our franchisers. We provide both business operation coaching for new business owners or manager, as well as barista and skill training for employees.


Bookings are available at Anna's Café for groups of all sizes except large mass. Anna's Café is ideal for family meetings, business brunches or events and various group meetings . When dining alone, Anna's Café is also great spot for a quick bite to eat or a long, unrushed coffee. With plenty of space, our café offers over a dozen bar seats for that restful break with a view. Booth seating is available when dining at Anna's Café for a relaxingl environment. Whether for a breakfast or a late lunch, Anna's is a place of comfort.Catching up with that old friend? Need a casual coffee in a relaxing environment? Comfortable armchair seating is available with children's toys, newspaper and journal, so you can have an actual overview of world. A lot of outdoor seating is available for enjoying food and coffee in the sun, with covered areas also available and a screened hedge to give privacy and comfort.

55 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011


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